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this User Agreement, hereinafter referred to as the "User Agreement", regulates the relations between the WEB-site in the Internet address, hereinafter referred to as the site «JOBSPB. ru» ;, and the individual using the site to find work, hereinafter referred to as "Applicant».

When registering on the site JOBSPB. Ru applicant agrees with this User Agreement (UA) and assume specified therein the rights and responsibilities associated with the use of the site.

1. Subject agreement

1.1 The Contractor offers its services on terms that are the subject of this User Agreement.
1.2 The Terms may be changed by Contractor without warning. The new version of the User Agreement shall enter into force after 3 (three) days from the date it is submitted, unless otherwise provided in the new version of TS. The current edition of PS is always on the special web page, accessible to all users.

2. Description of services

Site Employment JOBSPB. Ru - a service that provides assistance for employment and personnel search through the best of its database of vacancies and resumes, as well as specialized hardware and software.

3. Rights and Duties of the Contractor

3.1 Rights

3.1.1 Information received through the site JOBSPB. Ru, is the property of the Contractor. Contractor shall have no obligation of confidentiality with regard to this information unless there is agreement to the contrary or the relevant requirements of current legislation.
3.1.2 The information contained on this site JOBSPB. Ru, may not be reproduced or used for publication without the written permission of the Contractor, if the page containing such information as otherwise specified. Copying the information contained on this site may be exercised only by individuals for personal use.
3.1.3 Under no circumstances shall have no liability for damages, losses or expenses arising in connection with the use of this site or inability to use it.

3.2 Responsibilities

As part of this Agreement, Contractor shall:

3.2.1 Provide the opportunity to Job Seekers to search for vacancies, create summaries and store them in the database JOBSPB. Ru, according to the rules and restrictions laid down by the given time.
3.2.2 Provide the opportunity Applicant to control access to your Resume and set visibility settings summary of their choice.
3.2.3 Provide an opportunity to respond to the published site jobs, create cover letters and receive messages via email or in the personal section of the Competitor - Cabinet of the applicant, from site users who have published vacancies.
3.2.4 Provide the opportunity to remove the Applicant Summary at any time in its sole discretion.
3.2.5 Provide opportunity to the competitor to delete or modify personal information, as well as any other information published on its website through the personal section - Office of the applicant, at any time in its sole discretion.
3.2.6 In case of violation Competitor duties specified in paragraph 4 of this contract, delete the information without notifying the latter of the Competitor.

4. Commitments competitors at registration

As part of this Agreement, Applicant agrees:

4.1 Know Policy Site
4.2 Do not place any way through the site, the information in violation of the RF legislation and international law.
4.3 Not knowingly publish false information.
4.4 Do not place and / or transmit using the website, materials, if the applicant has no relevant rights to it. This applies to materials that are protected by copyrights, trademarks, patents, and agreements on non-disclosure, confidentiality, and the like.
4.5 Do not violate the information security website.
4.6 Do not embed the executable code on the user side, any embedded objects, use the frame and iframe, cascading style sheets, html-code.
4.7 Do not submitted a false name or on behalf of others (individual or organization), registered on the site the applicant, the representative organization of employers, employees JOBSPB. Ru. Do not mislead the users and the site of administration on its identification in any other way.
4.8 Do not destroy and / or modify any materials on the site, whose author is not a competitor.
4.9 Do not use the information on phones, postal address, e-mail for purposes other than the theme of the site (search for employment and employees).
4.10 Do not register using someone else's e-mail address or the address to which you have no right to use the Competitor.
4.11 Do not send the password to access the personal section - Cabinet competitor - to third parties. The applicant is fully responsible for all damage caused to him by third parties arising from intentional or unintentional transfer Competitor password from the site JOBSPB. Ru another person. The applicant is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and any use of the site by the password.

5. Terms accommodation resume site JOBSPB. Ru

5.1 Responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained in the summary, are the applicants.
5.2 The editors reserve the right to remove a summary submitted through the site, without notice or explanation.
5.3 Revision to modify the requirements for the contents and conditions of publication of the summary.
Revision 5.4 reserves the right to resume editorial process in order to give them quality, convenient for the reader's perceptions.
5.5 The editors reserve the right not to enter into correspondence with the authors of the summary.

5.6 To publish on the site are not permitted summary:
5.6.1 Content that violates the law of the Russian Federation (contain propaganda of violence, racial hatred, pornography, etc.).
5.6.2 Content that violates generally accepted standards of morality and ethics.
5.6.3 Information which is contrary to Policy and Regulation website to advertise job openings and resumes on the site JOBSPB. Ru.
5.6.4 Do not permit a summary of the same title from one applicant. If the text is a summary of different ways, there must be a different title.
5.6.5 Submission of the summary should be carried out in that region, which may be a potential employer.

6. Access to personal information Candidates

6.1 All information contained in the submitted site JOBSPB. Ru summary is publicly available, except for a password to access the personal section of the Competitor or the information contained in this section of information.
6.2 Access Competitor to change the information contained in the ads is only based on unique user name and password, selected competitors at registration. Responsibility for the password is Aspirant.
6.3 If you lose the password access seeker has the opportunity to get a password reminder to the email address you entered in registration and enter into the system.
6.4 The Contractor shall make all possible efforts in order to avoid unauthorized use of personal information of applicants. However, the Contractor shall not be liable for possible misuse of personal information of candidates, occurred because:
- Technical problems in software, servers or computer networks that are beyond the control of the Contractor;
- Disruptions in the work site associated with intentional or unintentional use of the site to be misused by third parties,
- Transfer of passwords or information from the website Competitors of others who are not registered users of the Site or other users do not have access to this information by the conditions of registration and contracts with Jobspb.Ru.

7. Services Site

7.1 Site JOBSPB. Ru not in any way can not be considered now, Retributive or bezvozdmezdnoe providing employment services.
7.2 Site JOBSPB. Ru not give the competitor is no guarantee that the jobs posted by employers on the site, or any suggestions made by the Applicant through the site, using the contact information nahodschyaeysya in the database, there really is.
7.3 All services site JOBSPB. Ru, related to the deployment resumes and search for jobs, for job seekers - free of charge.

8. Use of material

8.1 The user of the site JOBSPB. Ru, is responsible for the information published on its behalf and for the consequences of this placement.
8.2 Site JOBSPB. Ru is only a means for communicating information and in no event shall not be liable for its accuracy and relevance.
8.3 The Contractor shall make every possible effort to exclude from the site of careless, negligent or knowingly incomplete information, but ultimately, responsibility for it lies with the advertiser placing it faces.
8.4 By copying and other use of materials from this site JOBSPB. Ru, other than a summary of applicants, description of the company or jobs, as well as a logo, design elements, appearance and structure of the site, refer to the site.
8.5 If the applicant maintains information about the vacancy (s) in its own database out of the site, the responsibility for this rests with the applicant under the Law on Personal Data "as an operator of personal data.
8.6 You may not use the software (scripts, robots) for reading information from the site JOBSPB. Ru.
8.7 The logo, name, design elements, design and overall appearance of the site are the property of the Contractor and their use is prohibited.
8.8 Since the identification of users of Internet sites is difficult for technical reasons, the Contractor is not responsible for the fact that registered users are really the people they say they are, and assumes no liability for any damage caused by Applicants or other persons on the reason.
8.9 Using the information from the site JOBSPB. Ru, applicant understands and accepts the risks associated with the possible unreliability of information available on the site, as well as the fact that some information may seem to him threatening, abusive, libelous, knowingly false, vulgar, obscene. If this happens, the competitor must immediately stop using the site JOBSPB. Ru and communicate the availability of such information.
8.10 Contractor does not guarantee that the published summaries will be reviewed by a certain number of users of the site, or at least one.
8.11 Contractor does not warrant that the software, servers and computer networks used by the site JOBSPB. Ru free from errors and computer viruses. If you use the site JOBSPB. Ru entailed the loss of data or damage to equipment Contractor is not responsible for that.

This agreement can not be understood as establishing between the Contractor and Competitor agency relationship, partnership relations, relations of joint activities, and labor relations, or some other relations, does not explicitly stipulated in this agreement.
IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ALL OF CO above conditions, you may not visited resources as a whole and any part thereof, except page with the user agreement, receive and / or use the contents of present resource by any means in whole or in any ITS PART!