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About company pays great attention to protecting the privacy of users. Visitors can view some pages in your site without disclosing any information about yourself. However, for the provision of some services we may require your personal information. We offer you the principles of confidentiality, explaining how their collection and use of data that are reported by visitors in these cases. We recommend that you carefully read the full text of this privacy statement.
Collecting personal information
We put our service users to fame, if we want to obtain information that allows you to establish their identity (personal information), or their contact details. Typically, these data are requested in the registration, subscription to premium services site, e-mail, registering for events, contests and gain access to special thematic section of the web site with restricted access, as well as ordering and registration of other services JOBSPB. ru. As a rule, personal information that users of the Service is required to report on itself, limited only by e-mail address, name and user name for the organization of an email address and company name, but in some cases for those or other services must be made available and additional information.

For example, if site visitors want to buy a certain product or service, he will be asked to provide information needed for payment and access to his chosen service or product, namely: his surname, name, address, phone number and other data necessary to fulfill the order.

When the user logs in, he may be asked to fill out an electronic form with an extended list of issues such as gender, age, employment, income level, geographic location, interests, and so on. This registration data is added to the file that contains any other information you provide during previous visits to this Web site.

At not collected information about your specific computer hardware and software. Such information may include user IP-address, domain name, information about the operating system, browser type, number of previous visits and Web site from which you make the transition to the Web site. This information is not used in the implementation of the provision of services. may also pursue the collection of information about what pages are visited the site of the service users. This information is defined only by a unique ID-code and never contacted c personally identifying information, unless there's consent (the latter case in more detail below).
The use of personal information
The personal information of visitors help us in solving the following problems:
• Ensuring best meet the needs of visitors.
• Providing a wide range of services.
• Preparation and publication of the most important for visitors to the web site materials.
• Prompt notification of product updates, special offers, updated information and other new services provided the request of users.
• Providing access to services to which access is limited to users.
The information collected from visitors to the Web site, will be combined with anonymous demographic information. On this basis, can conduct research, compiled the results of which will more accurately select the materials posted on the Web site. In some sections of the Web sites Services to which access is restricted, the information received from visitors to these sections will be with the consent of the latter to unite with their personal information, which will make available to visitors to the Web site materials to suit their personal preferences. If a visitor does not agree with this proposal, his personal information will not be combined with data on a Web site and its services will not be unique.
Disclosure of personal information and transfer this information to third parties not sell or provide information to other market participants. Your personal information may be disclosed by only if the law requires it or if there is a strong belief that it is necessary to: (a) ensuring compliance with the requirements of the law or comply with legal process, (b) protect and defend the rights of or property or its services, (c) to take urgent measures to ensure the personal safety of, users of the service or users of its services, as well as ensuring public safety.

Personal information obtained in order at registration or in any other manner will not be without a permit users to any third party, except in those few cases, the list already given. This information will not be used for any purpose other than those listed above.
Registration also allows the user to determine how they will use the Services (or deny this). not allow other companies to post information about their products and services to newsletters users of the Service. This newsletter can only be done via e-mail. If you do not want to receive this information, uncheck the appropriate boxes in the personal office.
From may periodically send e-mail with information about security issues or technical support associated with the product or service of interest to the user. These messages may also contain a confirmation of acceptance of the user's order for a product or service. Ability to unsubscribe to these emails is not available, since they are regarded as an important part of service for users.
Access to personal information
Visitors provides tools that allow them to check the accuracy of the personal information and to make them updated if necessary.

Customers who registered on the Web site, can view and edit your personal information in the personal office. In this advance, before they can gain access to personal information, they will be prompted for your email address and password.

In My Office user can:
• View and edit personal information you have previously submitted when you visit a Web site;
• indicate whether he wanted to Web site sent him a summary of candidates of their activity with respect to application, requests from employers, advertising or marketing information;
• indicate whether he wished that other companies could send him by e-mail their suggestions. Register or unsubscribe to newsletters with information about products and services company and its partners.
Some Services may collect information, access to which can not be obtained through the Personal Area. However, in such cases, the user can still access their personal information by contacting for this Web site, or using alternative means of access provided by this service.
Securing personal information pays great attention to ensuring the security of personal data of users. Here the variety of technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. For example, storage provided by users of personal data carried out on computer servers with limited access that are located in protected areas. When sending sensitive information (such as credit card number) over the Internet is protected by special encryption methods, for example, using the protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
You can help us, in turn, taking precautions to protect your personal data, using the Internet. Change your passwords often using a combination of letters and numbers. Always use a secure web browser.
Using files «cookie»
When a user visits a Web site on his computer file is written «cookie» (if the user permits the admission of such files). If the user has already visited the Web site, the file «cookie» is read from the computer. One of the file-sharing «cookie» is connected with the fact that with their help facilitate the collection statistics, as discussed above.

Files «cookie» can also be used to gather information about which links are selected by visitors. This information helps determine what information you send to customers, may be most interest to them. The collection of these data is summarized and never refers to personal information.

If you disable the browser receiving files «cookie» with nodes, the user can view the text on Web pages, but the ability to customize and subscribe to Web site services will not be available.
Changes in privacy statement
Privacy Statement for expected periodically updated. This will change the date of the previous update specified in the document. Announcements about changes in this statement will be posted in a conspicuous place on this Web site.
Representatives attentively treat all your comments about this privacy statement. You can send your comments by e-mail using the Contacts section on the site.